The 2018 Family Camp Team


Here they are in Washington DC! John and Gayla Irwin grew close to Jesus in Young Life, over many years of being club kids, volunteers and on staff.  They have a delightful family, with three grown kids, two sons-in-law, and two grandchildren.  A great joy for them is gathering with their family, especially when they are cooperative and nice.  They love Jesus and are learning daily about who he is and how he is moving.  They live in Denver and work at Downing House, a place to hear from Jesus.  Gayla has also written a book, Creative Moments of Grace.  John has not written any books at all.

We are excited to be with you!  

John and Gayla


Brandon Heath will be joining us with special music throughout the weekend!  We can't wait to hear him share with us.  If you haven't listened to his latest album... you have a few months to memorize all the lyrics!  

Seminar Speakers

We will have several speakers from all areas of life that will offer optional seminar sessions for you to attend.